Who We Are

Zoar Baptist Church is a fellowship of Christ followers who have been brought together by the Holy Spirit to worship and serve our Holy Father and His Son Jesus Christ in the Locust Grove area. Every member of this fellowship has obeyed our Lord by being baptized by immersion, which is our understanding of His command. Our church believes each member is responsible before God for the activities performed here and that, although we cooperate with others to achieve the Lord’s will here and across the world, the members will choose those activities, see them carried out and do all we can to honor our Lord in the effort.

It is our belief that the Lord chooses individuals for our congregation who are to provide encouragement, leadership and as needed, correction to the fellowship. Our primary leaders are the pastor and deacons who work together to assist in the spiritual growth of the members. These and others who may be given leadership roles within Zoar Church are appointed first by our Lord and then recognized by the people of the congregation. It is our belief that these people are chosen by God without regard as to gender.

Our church believes the Bible is a precious gift from God to the people of this world. It is a true guide to life, as the Lord would have it lived, providing guidance in all areas of life and most clearly expressing the path made available to all humanity to God Himself, through the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible, alone, is the standard by which all articles of belief, forms of worship and conduct of life are measured. It presents to us the clearest and most complete picture of our Lord God and of the expectations He has for our congregation and for each member within her. In obedience to the commands of the Lord Jesus, our church celebrates the Lord’s Supper in commemoration of His sacrifice and baptism by the total immersion of the one who has expressed before others an experience of sorrowful repentance coupled with the desire to change into the person Christ has intended them to be.

Zoar Baptist Church
31334 Zoar Rd. Locust Grove, Va 22508 540-854-6533